Rc Blimps are floating Airship without an internal supporting framework with internal over-pressure, benefit of reversability will drastically improve low speed manoeuvrability.

They are are perfect platform for Advertising,Aerial Photo&Aerial film and other special tasks like Surveying and Mapping,Air monitor, Oil exploration, search for minerals and Surveillance.

A Complete system(kit) should includes

  • Blimp
  • Gondola
  • Fins
  • Rc System
  • Batteries and Charger

As different needs on payload and flight time, it will have different choose. Our zeppelins are much more durable ,economic and higher quality on technology.

2m Rc Blimps

4m Rc Blimps

5m Rc Blimps

6m Rc Blimps

7m Rc Blimps

8m RC Blimps

10m Rc Blimps