Tichuan International

The professional company specialized in designing, creating, manufacturing a wide range of Rc Blimps, Unmanned Airship,Aero Balloons in China.

Working for ?

They are perfect platform for Advertising, Aerial Photo&Film and other special tasks like Surveying and Mapping, Air monitor, Oil exploration, search for minerals and Surveillance.

What we can do?

We have done Remote Controlled Blimp, Unmanned Airships, And Tethered Balloon or Blimps for 20 years.

Why We Can Do Better ?

Focus on Aero Balloons with 20 years experiences. Have sold hundreds of blimps and Balloons every year.

What do we have, what different with other factories? We have skilled workers (most of them working on 10 years) ,We have experience ( more than 20 years ), We have new technical, We have new material and new machine. We provide Great and Excellent quality products, better service (One to One Service), Competitive prices and Prompt Delivery we are now looking forward to even greater cooperation with overseas customers based on mutual benefits.

Mr Forest Zhang - CEO